What Should I Test for?

Petri plate showing coliform growth.

Whether you monitor product quality for a dairy plant, a capping and closure company, or a pharmaceutical manufacturer, you know that thoroughly testing your product is essential for protecting your brand and your consumers. At the same time, the wide variety of available tests and contaminants can be overwhelming. Find out what to test for.… Continue reading What Should I Test for?

4 Ways Daily Laboratories Provides Simple Lab Testing

Daily Laboratories provides simple lab testing for the food, pharmaceutical, and water industries. Here’s how.

‘Tis the Season for Water Suitability Testing

Testing drinking water for E. coli bacteria.

As the year draws to a close, food and water distributors make time to take stock of various processes and evaluate the quality of their products.

Home Improvement: Well Water Testing

Location, Location, Location.  Realtors are aware that location is important to home buyers. Many home buyers dream of getting away from the city bustle and heading toward the quiet of the country.  Buyers need to learn what comes with the country life and what does not. One thing that does not normally come with a… Continue reading Home Improvement: Well Water Testing

Final rule on water used with produce

Standards for Produce for Human Consumption – Water fda.gov   02 December 2015 The final rule for produce safety was finalized November 2015.  One of the key requirements covers the water used in agriculture. 1. Agricultural Water Water quality: The final rule adopts the general approach to water quality proposed in the supplemental rule, with… Continue reading Final rule on water used with produce

Bottled Water Recall

Niagara Recalls 14 Bottled Water Brands From Same Source for E. Coli Risk BY NEWS DESK | JUNE 22, 2015 Niagara Bottling LLC has recalled all spring water products produced at its two Pennsylvania facilities between June 10-18, 2015, after being informed that the water source was potentially compromised by E. coli bacteria.Niagara stated that… Continue reading Bottled Water Recall