4 Ways Daily Laboratories Provides Simple Lab Testing

Whether you work in a dairy plant, at a municipal water department, or on a vegetable farm, you’ve come in contact with requirements for microbiology simple lab testing. Microbiology testing can unfortunately feel time-consuming and overwhelming for some organizations, yet it is a necessary process to ensure the health and safety of consumers. Fortunately, Daily Laboratories provides simple lab testing for the food, pharmaceutical, and water industries. Here’s how.


Clear Instructions for Sample Collection for Simple Lab Testing

Collecting samples for microbiology testing is more easily said than done! Carefully collecting environmental samples aseptically requires extreme care and can feel unnecessarily confusing. Daily Laboratories helps create streamlined, easy-to-follow testing processes by providing in-depth, step-by-step instructions for collection that are easy to understand and execute. For example, the video below outlines simple steps for collecting environmental samples with the scrub sampler stick. 


Simplified Shipping

Because of the fragile and detailed nature of sending lab samples via shipping, a common source of frustration in microbiology testing is ensuring proper shipping methods are followed. Daily Laboratories paves the way for simple lab testing by including simple shipping instructions. Your convenience is top-of-mind at every step in the process. 


Predictable Timelines for Simple Lab Testing

Waiting for lab test results can cause serious setbacks in production processes and sales. Especially when timelines are especially long or unpredictable, food production plants can run into issues with freshness and order fulfillment. Daily Laboratories creates simplified microbiology testing processes by providing predictable timelines so that you can plan accurately based on when you’ll receive results. In fact, Daily Laboratories even offers rapid testing, a process that provides certified aerobic count results within 24 hours!  


Knowledgeable Professionals

Most importantly, the team at Daily Laboratories is helpful, responsive, and knowledgeable. The dedicated staff bring almost 40 years of experience and they demonstrate professionalism and care every step of the way. With prompt responses to questions and concerns, the dedicated professionals at Daily Laboratories make simple lab testing a reality.


Ease of service, predictability, and simplicity underline each element of the Daily Laboratories microbiology testing experience. With all required certifications such as FDA, NCIMS, and ISO certifications, Daily Laboratories proudly serves a variety of industries. Get in touch with us via email, dailylab@gmail.com, or phone, (309) 691-4513, to learn more today!


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