What Should I Test for?

Whether you monitor product quality for a dairy plant, a capping and closure company, or a pharmaceutical manufacturer, you know that thoroughly testing your product is essential for protecting your brand and your consumers. At the same time, the wide variety of available tests and contaminants can be overwhelming. Find out what to test for.  

Working with an experienced lab is the best way to ensure your testing procedures are both efficient and thorough. Learn more about key factors in allergen residue testing, water suitability testing, and water activity testing.


What to Test for in Allergen Residue Testing

In the food production and processing industry, ensuring that allergens are not transferred between separate products using the same equipment is vital for consumer safety. But how can organizations know what to test for? The answer will depend on the ingredients used in your product catalog, but common allergens to test for include:


  • Gluten
  • Milk or dairy
  • Tree nuts and peanuts
  • Shellfish


Simply disclosing on your label that your products are processed in the same facility as these ingredients is not enough. Completing thorough testing is the only way to satisfy regulations. 

What to Test for in Water Suitability Testing


To ensure that all water laboratories operate off of the same baseline measurements, the EPA requires water suitability testing at least annually. These tests are highly sensitive and strive to identify if toxic agents and growth-promoting substances are present. 


What to Test for in Water Activity Testing

Producers of foods, spices, and pharmaceuticals can test their products to discover their water activity levels. This test can help determine the best means of storage for the product and its susceptibility to bacteria and mold. Water activity tests for the ratio of the sample’s vapor pressure compared to pure water’s vapor pressure. 

Knowing which tests to run and what to test for is a complex business, but you don’t have to do it alone. Clear communication and years of industry experience set Daily Laboratories apart as a reliable and knowledgeable partner in lab testing. With all required certifications such as FDA, NCIMS, and ISO certifications, Daily Laboratories proudly serves a variety of industries. Get in touch with us via email, dailylab@gmail.com, or phone, (309) 691-4513, to learn more today!



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