How To Determine What Lab Testing Targets To Test For

Regardless of your industry, determining lab testing targets can feel mysterious and overly complex. Running needless tests is inefficient and wasteful, but skipping crucial lab testing targets can have catastrophic implications. Outlining the types of tests you need in order to stay compliant and discovering the key lab testing targets to test for is no small feat and requires expert input. 


Partnering with a qualified and experienced laboratory such as Daily Laboratories is the best way to ensure you are running all necessary tests on your products and facilities. Learn about the key lab testing targets for listeria and salmonella, dairy components testing and nitrates in water. 

Listeria and Salmonella

Two of the most crucial lab testing targets for food production and processing plants are Listeria and Salmonella. These are bacterial food-borne pathogens that can pose serious health risks to consumers. The infection caused by listeria kills over 250 people each year, and and salmonella kills over 400.

Lab Testing Targets for Dairy Components

Dairy farms need to test for a particular set of targets. Producers can determine the exact components of raw or processed dairy products to determine the best food safety processes. These tests can also help producers create proper labeling and leverage dairy component results in their marketing efforts. 


Dairy products should be tested for:

  • Protein
  • Added water
  • Density
  • Lactose
  • Solids, not fat (SNF)
  • Butterfat

Nitrates in Water

In some products, nitrates are expected and healthy. For example, foods such as spinach and farm products such as fertilizers will naturally include nitrate. 


On the other hand, high nitrate levels in well water can pose a health risk. For this reason, an important lab testing target for homeowners with water wells is nitrates. Drinking water should be tested for nitrates, and a level of 10 mg/L is cause for concern. 

From determining the right lab testing targets for your facility to ensuring that every test runs seamlessly, Daily Laboratories makes the testing process straightforward and easy to understand. Sifting through the endless testing options to determine the best route is overly complicated without a qualified lab as your partner. With all required certifications such as FDA, NCIMS, and ISO certifications, Daily Laboratories proudly serves a variety of industries. Get in touch with us via email,, or phone, (309) 691-4513, to learn more today!



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