The Importance of Lab Testing in the Dairy Industry

Food and water safety is more than meets the eye. No matter how standard something may appear, without lab testing there is no sure way to know the details of what residual bacteria and other harmful organisms lie beneath the surface. Lab testing of food, water, and pharmaceuticals can keep your business serving others at the high quality your clients expect, and can even save lives. 


Established in 1960, Daily Laboratories has provided food testing services to a wide variety of industries for decades. From pharmaceuticals and containers to meat and dairy, Daily Laboratories tests both products and environmental samples to ensure the highest quality and safety for a range of products.



From meat and dairy to produce and spices, ensuring that your products are free of dangerous residual bacteria is crucial. Lab testing for Salmonella, E.coli, and Listeria can prevent contaminated products from hitting grocery store shelves, saving your company from the blowback of a recall while keeping your customers safe. 


Fortunately, there’s a reliable and simple way to ensure the safety of the food you produce! Daily Laboratories helps you monitor the environment within your plant to test for allergens, residual bacteria, and more. Get accurate results for your dairy plant by working with our FDA Certified processes. 


With microbiological testing as well as component testing available, Daily Laboratories breaks down all you need to know about residual bacteria, coliforms, yeast and mold counts, and more. 


Lab Testing with Daily Laboratories

Lab testing your raw milk and dairy products is too important to leave up to chance. With Daily Laboratories, you can rest assured that your products are undergoing thorough testing backed by various certifications. On-going environmental testing is mandatory in many industries and can help ensure that your products are in compliance with requirements such as FDA-established bacteriological standards.


Daily Laboratories is FDA, NCIMS and ISO Certified. In addition, we know the importance of turnaround time in the dairy industry. That’s why we’re certified for RAPID bacteria count, giving you the results you need in very little time. Get crucial insights into residual bacteria and more with our proven processes. With nearly 40 years of experience and a dedicated staff, we bring a thorough understanding of your needs. 


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