How Rapid Bacteria Testing Can Improve Your Production

Food production companies depend on bacteria testing in order to meet regulatory requirements and to ensure the very best and safest experience for their end consumers. Unfortunately, the waiting period between having microbiology tests done and receiving results can cause unexpected and costly delays. Learn how rapid microbiology testing from Daily Laboratories can improve your overall processes. 


Environmental Monitoring

Environmental monitoring is crucial for confirming the safety of your production or packaging area. Pathogen or indicator bacteria testing, such as Listeria, Salmonella or coliform bacteria can be used to validate that your cleaning and sanitation methods are sufficient. 

When you’re waiting for test results before getting your production up and running or to keep in  compliance with your HACCP plan, even the standard wait time can make a dent in your productivity and your bottom line. That’s why Daily Laboratories is offering RAPID results on bacterial lab tests. Simply send in your samples via FedEx or UPS. Once we receive your samples, your wait time for results is a quick 24 hours! 


Product Testing

Especially in dairy production, time is precious and freshness is fleeting. Instead of waiting on slow lab results from bacteria testing to confirm the quality and freshness of your products, partnering with Daily Laboratories gives you access to a quick turnaround time of 24 hours for certified aerobic count lab results. They are certified for the Rapid Aerobic Count. Keep your production running smoothly while fulfilling crucial acceptance criteria along the way – without sacrificing time, money, or quality. 

When it comes to production, time is of the essence. The cost of waiting an extra day for bacterial lab results to confirm the freshness or sterility of your product adds up quickly, impacting your product and your bottom line. 


Rapid Bacteria Testing with Daily Laboratories

Daily Laboratories is FDA, NCIMS and ISO Certified. Get crucial insights into the cleanliness of your environment and the freshness of your products with our proven processes and rapid bacteria testing. Daily Laboratories brings nearly 40 years of experience as well as a dedicated staff, allowing us to develop a uniquely thorough understanding of your needs. 

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