“Stick Sponge” Environmental Sampling Tutorial

The sponge stick method is very popular in environmental sampling. Here’s what you need to know so your sample is safe and packaged correctly. The sponge stick allows collection without directly handling the sponge, which causes contamination of the sample. In regards to breaking off the “stick” part of the stick sponge, here is a helpful… Continue reading “Stick Sponge” Environmental Sampling Tutorial

FSMA Environmental Monitoring – Clear as Mud

Environmental Monitoring … What You’ll Need to Do and Why SEPTEMBER 30, 2015 · DAVID ACHESON As we continue our analysis and review of the rules, our focus this week is on environmental monitoring. As expected, FDA is developing guidance on environmental monitoring, but until then, it is helpful to understand the key points of… Continue reading FSMA Environmental Monitoring – Clear as Mud