Can I eat that? New app helps answer

Do you find yourself throwing away uneaten groceries you forgot were hanging out in the back of your refrigerator? Or wondering if you can still eat that bacon that you accidently left on your counter overnight?  Well, a new app from the USDA will now remind you when groceries are about to expire and will tell you if that questionable food is actually safe to eat.

The app, called Foodkeeper, is an updated version of a food safety brochure developed by the USDA with Cornell University and the nonprofit Food Science Institute.  “We thought; why not make it a little more interactive?” Chris Bernstein, team lead for food safety education at USDA, said in a recent article.

While the consumer is responsible for inputting the items they bought, the app then automatically calculates how long they’ll last, and sends you a notification so you have time to use them before they go bad……..   Continue here.

The app also helps circumvent unhelpful food labeling including the “best by,” “sell by” and “use by” dates. “There are so many terms that organizations put on foods, and they are not always clear what they mean,” Bernstein said.