Pizza or Wings?

Americans are about to devour a record 1.42 billion wings along with 12.5 million pizzas, also a record, all while watching the Kansas City Chiefs and Tampa Bay Buccaneers battle for the Lombardi Trophy. There are several reasons for the uptick, National Chicken Council spokesman Tom Super says. “If you think about it, restaurants like wing… Continue reading Pizza or Wings?

I’m a small farm. Why do I need a food safety program?

Food market stall

A small farmer selling vegetables at a farmers’ market. A local dairy with farm-made cheese. A restauranteur evaluating fresh produce and fruits from a local farm. These farmers have several things in common. They would be identified as small-scale farmers and therefore exempt from many provisions, such as mandatory inspections, in the Food Safety Modernization… Continue reading I’m a small farm. Why do I need a food safety program?

‘Ghost Pepper,’ ‘Umami,’ and More Food Words Added to the Dictionary

In 2018, Merriam-Webster added 850 words and definitions to the dictionary, including the relatable “dumpster fire” and “embiggen”—with some food words in the mix too, like harissa, kombucha, poke, and aquafaba (chickpea water used in vegan dishes and cocktails, in case you were wondering). This year, the overarching haul of new words topped 640, and among them, the dictionary flagged 17 food-related terms for… Continue reading ‘Ghost Pepper,’ ‘Umami,’ and More Food Words Added to the Dictionary

From Trash to Treasure

Composting Word Representing Flower Garden And Lawn

Peoria County farmer Paul Rosenbohm can thank his neighbor Mrs. Phillips, a long-neglected neighboring farm and an overabundance of dairy cow manure for his successful compost business. Nearly 30 years ago, Rosenbohm and his brother needed more land to spread the waste from their cows. When the farm adjacent to theirs came up for auction,… Continue reading From Trash to Treasure

How Ketchup Made Food Safer

If bacteria in ketchup didn’t sicken you, the preservatives might—until this wealthy food manufacturer cleaned up the condiment. Ketchup—that cheerful red sauce sold in handy glass bottles—first came on the American market in the 19th century. But its ingredients were shockingly different than they are today. Food advocates complained that the sauce was frequently made from… Continue reading How Ketchup Made Food Safer

Oysters on the Half Shell are Saving an Eroding Harbor

Oysters on white background.

Across New York City, more than 70 restaurants are tossing their oyster shells not into the trash or composting pile, but into the city’s eroded harbor. It’s all part of Billion Oyster Project’s restaurant shell-collection program. The journey from trash to treasure begins after an oyster half shell is turned upside down and left on an icy… Continue reading Oysters on the Half Shell are Saving an Eroding Harbor

“Hangry” is now in the Webster’s Dictionary

Anyone who has ever felt so hungry to the point of getting angry can finally associate that feeling with an official word: hangry. Although the term is just being recognized officially, it has long been part of a common vernacular and dates as far back as the 1950s, according to Oxford English Dictionary. “It is… Continue reading “Hangry” is now in the Webster’s Dictionary

46 Mouthwatering Facts about Pizza

If you live in the United States, it’s statistically likely you’ll eat around 6000 slices of pizza over the course of your life. But how much do you actually know about that delicious combo of dough, cheese, and sauce? Where did pizza come from? What makes a great slice? Whether you’re a fan of thin… Continue reading 46 Mouthwatering Facts about Pizza

Farmers Market Food Safety Tips

The end of May means it’s nearly time for America’s favorite food lovers’ tradition: visiting your local farmers market. In addition to all the invigorating colors, exquisite aromas, strong flavors, and spirit of community, the farmers market is also an opportunity to develop one-on-one relationships with the people who produce your food! Their passion for… Continue reading Farmers Market Food Safety Tips

Ever wonder about your milk jug?

Ever wonder about your milk jug or the foil on your yogurt cup? Single-service containers and closures have been used in the dairy industry for many years.  There are standards established by the FDA to ensure the production of sanitary containers and closures for milk and milk products. The standards set down specific requirements for… Continue reading Ever wonder about your milk jug?