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At Daily Laboratories, we pride ourselves on providing our partners with the highest quality testing services and advice that puts clients’ needs and goals above all else. When a client came to us after experiencing widespread flooding, we were able to learn about their end goals and provide suggestions that saved them thousands of dollars while achieving those goals in an even more effective and efficient way.


Achieving our clients’ goals is our mission, and when we can do so in a way that is more costeffective and efficient than expected, we are pleased to say we have exceeded our goals.

Client Centric Testing Services

In 1960, Daily Laboratories, Division of Mobilab, Inc. was founded as a raw milk testing facility. Today, Daily Laboratories has grown to offer microbiological food testing services to a variety of different businesses and we have the ability to test both products and environmental samples.


The food, pharmaceutical, and water sectors can take advantage of the wide range of microbiological services provided by Daily Laboratories. These range from mandatory testing for legal requirements to regular testing for HAACP plan environmental monitoring. Both sterility and pathogens can be evaluated. In addition, product returns and shelf-life studies are something we’re able to analyze as well.


We conduct our microbiological studies utilizing the appropriate culture, biochemical, and immunological techniques. All approaches rely on statistical principles since analysis is often based on a small sample drawn from a greater volume or region.


A few of the industries that comprise our clients are:

  • Container, Cap and Closure Companies 
  • Daily Industries and Farms
  • Meant Processing and Packing
  • Municipal Water Companies & Realtors
  • Pharmaceutical Industries
  • Produce, Spice, Food, Pet Food Companies


All of our testing services are by AOAC-certified methods.

Experience the Daily Laboratories Difference

If you are ready to experience a testing service provider who will always put your needs first, reach out to us today! With over 45 years of combined experience in microbiology, you can rest assured that your testing will be of the highest quality, while experiencing industry leading customer service. 


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