Municipal Water Companies


Bacteriological Water Quality testing per SM 9020 Quality Assurance Guidelines 

Laboratories performing microbiological testing are required to annually document the suitability of their reagent water in order to fulfill QA/QC requirements for accrediting bodies.

Daily Laboratories is one of the few laboratories that perform the microbial water suitability test on a weekly basis for municipal water supplies.  This test is listed on the EPA laboratory evaluation form as laboratory pure water bacteriological quality or ratio of growth rate.  This test is required at least annually by the EPA and state health departments for water laboratories as part of the intralaboratory quality control practices. The test is complex, requires skill and experience, and is not easily done on an infrequent basis. It requires work over 4 days, an independent ultrapure water, high purity reagents, and aseptic technique. The test is very sensitive to toxic agents or growth-promoting substances.

We can also perform the use test, depending on your state’s requirements.

We can test ice from ice machines for sanitation and cleanliness.

We can test any water sample for Total  Coliform, Total Bacteria, Total Yeast & Mold and E. coli. We are certified for potability testing for new construction.

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