Dairy Industry

Dairy Industry

Daily Laboratories was originally established in 1960 as a dairy laboratory in Peoria, IL by Howard Daily at the request of the Illinois Dept. of Public Health.  We currently meet the following requirements:

  • Illinois Department of Public Health
  • Interstate Milk Shippers Program
  • Grade A Pasteurized Milk Ordinance
  • Food and Drug Administration

Daily Laboratories perform microbiological testing on raw cow and goat milk, milk products, and dairy products including cheese and ice cream. We monitor raw milk for the presence of inhibitors (antibiotics). We also do component testing of raw milk.

Daily Laboratories is a state-approved testing laboratory for raw milk to be sold from the farm.

Monitoring dairy plants for pathogens, such as Listeria and Salmonella has been a concern for the past 15 years and Daily Laboratories has programs with dairies to monitor their environmental pathogens.

Below, find some of the analyses we currently perform on dairy products:

MICROBIOLOGY TESTING                                                                           COMPONENT TESTING

  •                  Aerobic Plate Count                                                                                  Butterfat
  •                 Coliforms                                                                                                         Solids, not fat (SNF)
  •                 DMSCC – cow                                                                                                 Protein
  •                 DMSCC – goat                                                                                                Added water
  •                 E. coli                                                                                                                 Density
  •                 Yeast & mold counts                                                                                 Lactose
  •                 Antibiotic residue
  •                 Environmental samples for Listeria spp.
  •                 Environmental samples for Salmonella spp.


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