Container, Cap and Closure Companies


Single-service containers and closures have been used in the dairy industry for many years. Evaluation of the industry’s basic manufacturing and handling techniques and establishment of sanitation criteria assure the containers and closures and the materials they are made from are safe and in compliance with FDA-established bacteriological standards.

These standards apply to bottles by pre-formed bottle manufacturers, blow-molders, vacuum formers, plastic extruders and injection molders. Closure manufacturers include plastic screw and plug caps. These standards also apply to fabricating plants that produce a component part which may become a product-contact surface such as film, linings or foils.

Examples of some products the standards apply include milk jugs, the cap on the milk jug, the liner material in the cap, foil on the yogurt cup, grated cheese containers, individual creamers, to name a few. The same standards can be used for water bottles and closures, disposable cups, plasticware and straws.

Daily Laboratories is a certified approved laboratory and performs the standards testing for residual bacteria counts and residual coliform counts for the container, cap and closure industry routinely. We can also test for the presence of yeast and molds.  The process waters and silicone blends can be tested and monitored as well.

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